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Vessel Fumigation

The insertion of a fumigant into the exported food (non-food) commodity takes place in the port of loading while the very process of fumigation takes place in transit. The degassing concludes the fumigation process in the destination port.

In accordance with IMO (The International Maritime Organization) Recommendations on the Safe Use of Pesticides in Ships before loading the specialists of COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. examine the vessel’s holds to check their suitability and the vessel’s readiness for gassing. After that a special documents’ set is being handed to the Master of the Vessel together with the instructions and the gasanalysis and gassafety means. The responsible crew members receive the instructions and training as to the precautionary measures during the voyage and using the gasanalysis and gassafety means provided by the fumigation team, the warning signs are posted at the entrances to the holds with fumigated cargo. After that, if no problems with the vessel’s readiness for fumigation have emerged or they have been efficiently removed, the fumi-team starts its work. By the end of the work the holds are sealed, the presence of gas near them, in the working zone and living quarters is checked. The Fumigation Certificate of international standard is issued.

Beside the standard fumigation of grain, food and non-food commodities in the port of loading COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. offers a complex “Port to Port” service, which include the fumigation in the loading port, supervision of the fumigation process in transit and degassing in the destination port. COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. offers this service for the cargoes going to the African countries and the countries of Middle East. Our representatives and main “Port to Port” Service partners are Sawco Pest Control and Egypt International Group (Egypt).


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