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Fumigation Methods

Probing Method

Probing is the most commonly used method of fumigation nowadays due to its relatively low cost and the wide practical application. This method is applied after taking all the necessary preparatory operations and on completion of loading in the vessel’s holds or other containers.

Probing consists of fumigating tablets application into the bulk of commodity by means of a metal probing pipe uniformly over the entire grain surface at a relatively small depth.

In order to avoid mixing the preparation residues with the commodity by request of a customer it is possible to use fumi-sleeves—fine cotton bag in the form of sleeves—in which a preparation is placed. A fumi-sleeve itself is inserted in the commodity by the probe. after degassing all the fumi-sleeves with the preparation residues are taken out and the commodity remains dust-free.

Low Air-Flow Fumigation Method (Recirculation System)

The Recirculation System (the J-System) developed by Detia Degesch GmbH (Germany) is regarded as the most advanced and efficient method of fumigation today.

The system consists of a ventilator and the set of pipes, coupling and adapters of different diameters. The ventilator is an ac motor bearing the voltage of 110/220 V with an impeller for the air and gas intake fastened to its axle. In order to keep the ventilator work stably it is attached to the wooden frame and placed either in the hold or hatch. The use of perforated tubes ensures a steady and even air or gas distribution within the commodity mass.

The system of perforated tubes joint to the ventilator is placed at the hold’s bottom before commencing the loading operations. On completion of loading the fumigant is inserted and the J-System motor is started. Due to the work of ventilator the escaped phosphine gas is recircled through the perforated tubes, penetrates the grain and exterminates pests. This system allows to make the fumigation period two times shorter, which is to advantage by exporting to the Mediterranean and Northern African countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Egypt, etc.), especially in Autumn and Winter periods, when the preparation decomposition reaction is slow because of a low temperature.

At the end of the exposition period the system may be used for ventilation of the hold, that is the degassing. Besides, the time required for degassing is reduced twice as much while the efficiency increases several times.

The ventilators designed by Detia Degesch are produced at a plant in Virginia (USA). This is a high-quality overheating proof equipment capable of working in the gas environment.

The system is easy to install and economical to operate. It can be installed either outside the fumigated quarters (e.g. outside the container) or internally (e.g. vessel’s hold).

As a representative of Detia Degesch GmbH in Ukraine, COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. is licensed to sell, install and operate the J-System within Ukraine.

If you are interested in buying, installation of the J-System or fumigation by the J-System within Ukraine please contact us.


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