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Fumigation (gas disinfection) is considered to be the most efficient method of disinfection today. Fumigation differs from all other methods of disinfection as far as the fumigant acts upon the fumigated material in the form of gas which penetrates the whole depth of the cargo to obtain a uniform dispersion. This property of the fumigant allows gaining the 100% efficiency of disinfection.

Nowadays there are plenty of chemicals possessing fumigant effect. A high-quality fumigant should neither exert negative influence on the quality of the fumigated commodities nor change their taste, smell, appearance and other characteristics, as well as it shouldn’t leave the residues, which can be harmful to the personnel dealing with the processing of the commodity and to the ultimate consumer. Possessing all these qualities, phosptoxine and magtoxine are considered to be fumigants number one in the world. They are neither sorbed by the grain nor accumulated in the human organism and possess a monitory smell. These fumigants evolve gas phosphine, which doesn’t hold in the open areas due to high dispersing ability and the dangerous concentrations are obtained only in the enclosed spaces. Moreover it is able to kill pests on all phases of their evolution (eggs, larvae, pupae, adult pests) dwelling at the places of the food and non-food produce storing.

COLFUM-INVEST LTD provides fumigation service using exclusively the licensed preparations based on phosphine: aluminium phosphide (Phostoxin, chemical formula—AlP) and magnesium phosphide (Magtoxin, chemical formula—Mg3P2) produced by Detia Degesch GmbH. This company is a leading world manufacturer of fumigants and its name is the guarantee of a high quality of its products.

Fumigation of grain and agricultural commodities is a complex and specific procedure, which requires considerable skills, knowledge and experience for the successful and safe operating the pesticides directed at the eradication of harmful pests.

COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. renders the services on the base of the license given by the Ministry of Agricultural policy of Ukraine for performing disinfection of the quarantine goods and objects dd. May 04,2005.

Fumigation is provided in the vessel’s holds, silos, elevators, containers, granaries, storehouses.

Fumigation is being carried out in the loaded holds and granaries as well as in the empty ones in order to prevent infecting the cargo.

“COLFUM-INVEST” Ltd. is a GAFTA Fumigation Member (category K).

The disinfection of the food or non-food commodities is performed in concordance with the State Marine Transport Sanitary-Epidemiological Supervision Body with adherence to the safety measures, fire- and explosion protection rules and industrial sanitation and according to the international standards and recommendations of IMO (The International Maritime Organization), IMFO (International Maritime Fumigation Organization), ILO (The International Laboratory Organization) and GAFTA (The Grain and Feed Trade Association).

A fumigation team of COLFUM-INVEST Ltd., consists of the well-qualified specialists, having completed the complex training courses in Institute of Post-Diploma Education of National Agrarian University in Kiev. Fumigation team is responsible for the quality of the works performed, observance of the safety measures and preservation of its health and the environment.

By works completion the Fumigation Certificate of the international standard is being issued, which guarantees the quality of the services we provide.


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