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Disinfection, disinsection

COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. provides disinfection and disinsection services on the base of a License № 116924 АВ dd. May 31, 2006 provided by the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine for performing disinfection, disinsection, deratization.

Qualified personnel of a company performs processing of either empty or loaded storehouses, silos, elevators, granaries, vessel holds, railway cars, offices and living quarters, protecting them from pests, fungus and other infections.

Disinfection and disinsection are provided by aerosol method using the Aerosol Fog Generators produced by IGEBA Geraetebau GmbH, Germany.

Application of the aerosol technologies and the original high-quality German equipment provides the following:

  • A considerable reduction of time required for processing compared with the regular spray treatment (100 000 m3 are treated for about 1 hour).
  • Increasing of pesticides efficiency as they are used in the form of a process solution, dispersed into tiny drops.
  • Absences of the air moisture level leap in the treated quarters.
  • Penetration of the aerosol fog in all the hard-to-reach places, minute splits and holes.
  • Guaranteed uniform covering of the quarters’ inside and absence of the “spots”.
  • Ecologically clean disinfection due to a high degree of dosing accuracy and absence of residual benefit.
  • Rapid decomposition of the pesticides residuum.

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