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Special Control

Professional skills of COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. staff and the most modern equipment allow us to provide a qualitative control of the exported commodities in accordance with the international standards.

Special Control is a complex of services including the following:

  1. Quality control of cereals. This service covers all the issues connected with the contract requirements to the quality of commodities and their condition.
  2. Testing the vessel’s holds’ readiness for loading and fumigation.
  3. Testing cleanliness of warehouses, vessel’s holds, trucks, railway cars, elevators, granaries.
  4. Commodities sampling for the further laboratory research. This service requires excellent skills and the precise knowledge of the commodity. The sampling operations are carried out according to the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) Sampling Rules No 124.
  5. Examination for  compliance with the standards;—testing the commodity for fungus infections, complex analysis of grain and agricultural commodities.
  6. Vessels’ holds treatment for fungus infections, pests, extraneous smell in accordance with requirements of IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ILO.
  7. Temperature and humidity measuring. A Laboratory Post created on the base of COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. has been accredited by the Crimean Regional Scientific-Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification to perform measurements has been founded on the base of COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. (Accreditation Certificate dd. August 16, 2003). Metering is conducted by the bulk moisture analyzer GrainSpear 6300, Sinar (Sweden), which allows detecting the temperature and moisture content of grain immediately in any spot on the commodity at its location without sampling, weighing or grinding. The results of the measurements are fixed in a few seconds (6–7 seconds) allowing a user to see a complete picture of commodity’s state.

The number of crops, suitable for GrainSpear 6300 examination, includes: barleycorn, wheat, maize, pea, rice, buckwheat. By the works completion COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. provides the Certificate of Temperature and Humidity Measurement.


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