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Coloration is employed in case of export of fodder barleycorn for Saudi Arabia and wheat for Iran.

The commodities are being colored by the food dye-stuffs, which are harmless for human organism.

There are several methods of coloration:

  1. Spraying on the conveyor under the full automatic control system.
  2. Spraying at the end of the loading tube with fixed assembled sprayers.
  3. Manual spraying of the cargo with sprayers.

The method of coloration depends on the construction of an elevator and crane.

Coloration is a very specific procedure, which can be performed only by the professionals with the proper knowledge and experience. By the violation of the due procedure of coloration (in case of contact with water) the owner of the cargo takes the risk of losing 30 per cent of the grain as it may start germinating. Only the companies having the abundant experience in the domain of coloration could be entrusted the dealing with the commodity. One of such companies is us. COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. has all the necessary preparations, equipment and above all — the experience in the job of qualitative coloration of grain.


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