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Provided Services

COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. is an independent organization, offering a wide range of services:

  1. Coloration of the fodder barleycorn for Saudi Arabia and wheat for Iran.
  2. Fumigation:
    • fumigation of grain, tea, coffee, cotton, tobacco, wood, cardboard etc. in the vessels’ holds, railway cars, barges, silos, elevators, storehouses, containers and barns;
    • fumigation of empty holds;
    • fumigation by the J-System on the marine vessels and river boats, in all types of granaries.
  3. Degassing (ventilation of the fumigated quarters).
  4. “Port to Port” Service (fumigation in transit and degassing in the destination port) for the cargoes going to the African countries and the countries of Middle East.
  5. Special control (a complex of services, which includes sampling of goods, commodity’s temperature and humidity measuring, detection of fungus infections and their elimination, testing cleanliness of warehouses, vessel’s holds, etc.).
  6. Disinfection, disinsection of silos, elevators, vessel holds, storehouses, granaries, railway cars, barges, offices and living quarters.
  7. Transportation of phosphine-based pesticides within the territory of Ukraine.

All the offered services are rendered on a high professional and technical level, wich enables us to represent our clients’ interests appropriately.


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