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Scientific - Production Department

A Scientific-Production Department has been created on the base of ColFum-Invest Ltd. under the leadership of Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor Dolya N.N.

The scope of the Department’s activity comprises:

  • working out and inculcating in production scientifically based technologies in fumigation, degassing, disinfections of grains and other products during the time of their storage, transportation both by export and by import;
  • working out the techniques of revealing, registration and extermination of harmful organisms in elevators, warehouses, vessels’ holds and other vehicles;
  • evaluating of the efficacy of modern chemical means of plant protection during fumigation, disinfection and working out the sanitary-hygiene norms by their application;
  • educating and elucidating the specialists of ColFum-Invest Ltd. in the field of plant protection.

In 2004 our specialists completed the complex training course in the Institute of Post-Diploma Education of National Agrarian University (Kiev), and acquired the professional skills improvement certificate in the following specialization: “Chemical protection of warehouses, ship holds, wagons, elevators, storehouses and plant production during its storage”. They have also passed the courses of “Safety requirements during fumigation”, “Electro and fire protection measures”, “Labour Protection Law”, “Pesticides Law”. Today this knowledge is actively put into practice, which makes the work with the cargo commodities as safe and efficient as possible.


In addition to this, the Scientific-Production Department of ColFum-Invest Ltd has an Analytical Laboratory at its disposal—CFI-Laboratory, which has been qualified as a Category F—(Approved Laboratory Analyst under GAFTA Analyst Scheme) with the help of Ring tests of the Association. Our Laboratory regularly proves its qualification with a help of GAFTA Ring-Tests and demonstrates good results.

Due to the highly skilled staff and the advanced equipment CFI-Laboratory can carry out complex analyses of grain and other commodities. All the laboratory tests are performed according to the ILO  (International Laboratory Organization) standards.

Scientific-Production Department of ColFum-Invest Ltd. is constantly occupied with research in the sphere of a company’s practical activity, and that is why we can be sure that no matter what we do—we do it right.


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