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Since 2002 COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. has been working in the field of disinfection (fumigation) of food and non-food commodities and coloration of grain, and the range of our services constantly increases.

Our firm has been licensed by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine for “Performing disinfection of the quarantine goods and objects” (dd. May 04, 2005), by the Ministry of Health Protection for “Performing disinfection, disinsection, deratization” (dd. May 31, 2006), has a permission for rendering services of high danger (dd. August 04, 2004) and permission given by the Ministry of Ecology for storing, use and transportation of pesticides and agrochemicals. All the fumigation operations are performed in conformity with the “Temporary Instructions of the State Plant Quarantine Inspection Service of Ukraine”.

ISO 9001The company has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate dd. December 14, 2009) in respect of cargo fumigation, coloration, checking of the cargo conditions, control of holds and goods sampling.

Our company is an active member of the following reputable Organizations:

  1. The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA, London):
    • category G (Professional Member);
    • category K (Fumigation Member);
    • category F (Laboratory Analyst—CFI-Laboratory).
  2. Ukrainian Grain Association (UGA, Ukraine).
  3. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.
Logo of the Grain and Feed Trade AssociationLogo of Ukrainian Grain AssociationLogo of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine

Logo of the National Joint Stock Insurance Company ‘Oranta’COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. is insured against the infliction of loss to the third person as a result of its professional activity.

The central office of COLFUM-INVEST Ltd. is situated in the town Kerch (Ukraine), which lies between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Such a favorable geographical position enables us to work both with export Ukrainian cargoes in the ports and roadsteads of Kerch, Theodosia and Sevastopol and with the transit goods from Russia going through the roadstead of Kerch (Anchorage #471). Moreover, our office in Nikolayev works with the ports and roadsteads of Nikolayev, Kherson, Odessa and Yuzhnyi.

Logo of Detia Degesch GmbHCOLFUM-INVEST Ltd. is an exclusive representative of Detia Degesch GmbH (Germany) in Ukraine in the sphere of selling, installation and operating the J-System ( Recirculation System). All the rendered services are performed with the most modern equipment and preparations of this company.

Our firm works in close cooperation with important international companies which are engaged in the transshipment of cargoes on the roadstead of Kerch.

Sawco Pest Control and Egypt International Group (Egypt) are our representatives and primary partners in “Port to port” service in the Middle East and African countries.

Scientific-Production Department was created under the leadership of Doctor of Agricultural Science Professor Dolya N.N. on the base of ColFum-Invest Ltd., and due to its activity our company successfully combines scientific work with practice of fumigation and coloration.

Maintaining close contact with the State Plant Quarantine Inspection Services of different countries, our firm possesses the most up-to-date and reliable information about all the phytosanitary requirements in the ports of cargo destination, which makes it possible to choose a right strategy of dealing with cargo being exported to any part of the world.

The firm works in the following ports of Ukraine:

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